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One of our most popular balls we produce is the hollow ball. Hollow balls are used in a range of applications from packaging, to display, to dalek costumes. They are a common occurrence in retail because of the easy, cost effective and aesthetic properties they bring.

Our hollow balls are created in two, clear halves that fit together easily. We produce our hollow balls with an ‘eye’ at the top to allow for easy hanging purposes. These balls are perfect for window displays and packaging because of the ease they come apart. They are a cost effective way of creating a retail display that utilizes the whole of your window whilst adding an extra interest to it. Our balls are built strong enough to hold display items while also being light enough to hang without trouble.

Unlike our competitors, we have over 20 million balls in stock which means that we can supply you with next day delivery. Our balls are ready to ship ranging in sizes from 40mm to 400mm and can be manufactured to your specifications if needed. We know that you need project supplies as soon as possible and we pride ourselves in being able to deliver a cost effective solution quickly.

We have over 30 years’ experience in the industry, supplying precision plastic hollow balls to an incredible amount of people and projects. Our minimum orders are designed to be as low as possible to ensure that you get exactly what you need. We built our business on the needs of our customers which has led us to become one of the UK’s leading providers in hollow balls. Our technicians have a wealth of experience providing hollow balls so are able to advise you on what hollow balls are suitable for your project. We believe in hands on customer service, give us a call for more information on getting your perfect hollow ball.


  • - Craig, SS
    Just wanted to say thanks - it’s really appreciated when suppliers like yourselves are helpful, responsive and fast.   That’s really great, so you should know :)
    - Craig, SS
  • Niall, Ireland
    Superb thank you,  I know your Company is conspicuously speedy in response and efficient I must say. I’ve placed orders many thousand times greater than this and observed a fraction of the efficiency.  
    Niall, Ireland
  • -R Lloyd
    “I was amazed at the service received from the Precision Plastic Ball Company. They had exactly what I needed, solved my problem and I’ll be definitely coming back again in the future!”
    -R Lloyd
    ‘I would like to say it’s very refreshing to be dealing with someone who provides straightforward replies to questions and promptly, many suppliers could learn from yourselves!’
    ‘Thank you for your time and excellent customer service.’

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