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Choosing The Right Clear Hollow Balls For You

We specialise in producing clear hollow balls in a wide range of sizes for retail and display. Our balls are designed in two halves and can be opened to add contents to the inside. They are very popular in window design and are a cheap, effective way of displaying most retail items. Our clear hollow balls online range in size from 40mm to 400mm and we are happy to work with our clients if they need a bespoke solution for their project. Our customer service is second to none in the industry, offering small minimum orders, next day delivery and one to one consultations with our trained and professional staff.

Whatever application you need the balls for; we have seen it before and will be able to offer you expert advice. We take the time of finding the right clear plastic balls for your projects and designing them bespoke for your project needs. Clear plastic balls are a great way to take advantage of retail window height by utilizing the whole window and sales floor. Adding clear hollow balls to displays creates an easy way to make products or exhibitions more interactive and interesting. Our clear hollow balls online come with an additional eyelet at the top which means they are ready to go and be hung as soon as they arrive. We have over millions of balls in stock and thousands of clear hollow balls ready for your order. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers a next day delivery when ordering clear hollow balls online from us. Our clear hollow balls are designed to hold significant weight while being light enough to easily hang. Using the best, latest technologies we are able to offer our clients the most attractive, high quality clear plastic balls on the market at a competitive price. Please get in touch for more information.

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      Just wanted to say thanks - it’s really appreciated when suppliers like yourselves are helpful, responsive and fast.   That’s really great, so you should know :)
      - Craig, SS
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      Superb thank you,  I know your Company is conspicuously speedy in response and efficient I must say. I’ve placed orders many thousand times greater than this and observed a fraction of the efficiency.  
      Niall, Ireland
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      “I was amazed at the service received from the Precision Plastic Ball Company. They had exactly what I needed, solved my problem and I’ll be definitely coming back again in the future!”
      -R Lloyd
      ‘I would like to say it’s very refreshing to be dealing with someone who provides straightforward replies to questions and promptly, many suppliers could learn from yourselves!’
      ‘Thank you for your time and excellent customer service.’

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