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Please note we have new items of stock arriving regularly – do call us if you cannot find what you’re looking for.

We have provided balls for applications ranging from Daleks, pantomime costumes and braille signs through to turntables, snooker trophies and engineering pumps.

We’d love to hear about your application – give us a call (44) 1943 831166.


  • Precision. Our specific tolerances start from +/-0.002” (+/-0.05mm)
  • Technical information can be found on our technical page
  • Over 20 materials chosen specifically for your applications.
  • Resistance to mechanical pressure, heat, chemicals and exposure to the elements
  • Small minimum orders
  • Many finishes – gloss, matt, marblised, pearlescent, glitter, transparent, translucent and any pantone colour you require.
  • Millions of balls in stock – ready for next day delivery

As a family run company, we have built our business on providing the best for our customers. We have technicians with over 50 years’ of collective experience at the end of the phone, ready to answer your questions and give you advice on the right ball for your needs.

We continually develop and supply new materials, here are our most popular:

Polypropylene Balls

Solid and hollow balls that float in water (less than 1g/cc).

  • Some colours available and white as standard.
  • Available as a hollow ball PP/PE from ¼” to 150mm diameter.
  • Able to withstand high pressures
  • Super chemical resistance properties, often used in engineering application.
  • FDA approval on Polypropylene

Thermoset Balls

Similar to snooker balls but lighter weight – perfect for design work.

  • Sizes range from 1 ¼” to 8″ diameter.
  • Effects include pearlescent, fluorescent, opaque, glow in the dark, transparent coloured, clear, marblised and sparkle.
  • Sparkle balls are coloured, transparent balls with glitter embedded inside.
  • Highly polished or matt finish – easy to machine, drill and tap.
  • Many of these balls are available from stock otherwise on short delivery.
  • Colour matching service available with this material.

Delrin, Teflon, Zytel® &Vespel® are registered trademarks of DuPont. Torlon® is a registered trademark of Amoco Polymers Inc. TPX® is a registered trademark of Mitsui Chemicals America Inc. PEEK™ is a registered trademark of Victrex Plc. Celcon® is a registered trademark of Ticona


We are one of the leading companies in supplying balls for engineering, designed for durability under chemical.

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Colour, transparency, material, endurance to the elements; If you want an attractive ball, we’ve got it. Used.

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Precision Plastic Balls are manufactured from thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials and.

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Precision applications are in our name. Tolerances within +/-0.002” (+/-0.05mm) accuracy, resistant materials and.

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  • - Craig, SS
    Just wanted to say thanks - it’s really appreciated when suppliers like yourselves are helpful, responsive and fast.   That’s really great, so you should know :)
    - Craig, SS
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    Superb thank you,  I know your Company is conspicuously speedy in response and efficient I must say. I’ve placed orders many thousand times greater than this and observed a fraction of the efficiency.  
    Niall, Ireland
  • -R Lloyd
    “I was amazed at the service received from the Precision Plastic Ball Company. They had exactly what I needed, solved my problem and I’ll be definitely coming back again in the future!”
    -R Lloyd
    ‘I would like to say it’s very refreshing to be dealing with someone who provides straightforward replies to questions and promptly, many suppliers could learn from yourselves!’
    ‘Thank you for your time and excellent customer service.’

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