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Our nylon balls online are designed to be a multi-use, highly popular ball, offering strength, heat resistance and ductility, meaning they bend rather than break under intense pressure. Our balls are precision made to fit exactly for your application. Our nylon balls offer a durable material that is resistant to abrasion and many chemicals. All our balls are tested for mechanical stress, chemical exposure and durability. We supply nylon balls for a wide range of industries and applications so can offer you the best advice for your project.

They excel as a high strength material and are one of the best materials when using elevated temperatures as well as providing toughness at low temperatures. Nylon absorbs moisture which creates an increased flexibility and impact resistance. Nylon balls are created to be tough against abrasion and chemicals so are a fantastic, all round ball for industry. Our nylon balls online are produced to be highly accurate for precision application, they are a good alternative to metal balls, reducing noise as well as being more cost effective.

Our nylon balls are provided in natural colours but have the option to be dyed to create solid colours.

We have a range of different finishes on all our balls to provide polished and unpolished exteriors. We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service on the market, which means that we stock over 20 million balls that are ready for your next day delivery. We design and produce bespoke solutions where needed, whether that be a non-standard size or colour. We know the application uses for nylon balls are limitless because of the solid properties it possesses, therefore we are happy to chat with you and provide samples for full confidence in our product. Whatever application you are looking for when choosing nylon balls online we are sure to have a solution.

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    - Craig, SS
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    Superb thank you,  I know your Company is conspicuously speedy in response and efficient I must say. I’ve placed orders many thousand times greater than this and observed a fraction of the efficiency.  
    Niall, Ireland
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    “I was amazed at the service received from the Precision Plastic Ball Company. They had exactly what I needed, solved my problem and I’ll be definitely coming back again in the future!”
    -R Lloyd
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