Plastic Balls for Engineering

Are you looking for a ball that is resistant to stress?

Does it need to be within +/-0.002” (+/-0.05mm) of your basic tolerances?

Need to know that it is not vulnerable to the temperatures in your application?

Want it cost effective and on your doorstep tomorrow?

We have catered for these projects since 1981.

We stock millions of balls so that you can get your spheres when you need them, even if you need them tomorrow!

Qualities of plastic spheres

  • Plastic balls are light with specific gravities ranging from 0.40g/cc to 2.14 g/cc
  • Low modulus in elasticity can assist in reducing noise levels and reducing the need for finer tolerances associated with metal balls.
  • Rust proof with a good resistance to chemicals and erosion.
  • Good electrical insulation properties
  • Self-lubricating
  • Non-magnetic
  • Some products are UV resistant
  • Food grade and FDA approved
  • Sizes ranging from 1mm – 8” in solid materials.

Resistance to Chemicals

Plastics are available with resistance to acids, alkalis, oils, and fuels.

Resistance to Heat

We stock plastics with key qualities that resist heat and provide outstanding resistance to wear whilst consistently being exposed to high temperatures.

Resistance to pressure

Materials are available offering extreme strength under intense pressure.

Production Method

The plastic balls we source are usually injection moulded followed by grinding and lapping, then tumbled and polished to extremely precise measurement.

Precision ground and fully moulded balls are available from stock in both plastics and rubber materials including Nitrile, EPDM and Fluoroelastomer.

We stock and distribute precision balls in over 20 materials. We have full detailed information on our individual materials and their properties on our technical page, which can be found here.

A few of the Industries and Applications we supply for.

Flow check valvesUnlubricated bearings
Yachting EquipmentDairy and poultry equipment
Liquid tank coversLiquid level control
MedicalApproved for automotive
Turn tablesMarine
Ball racesBall bearings
PetrochemicalPrecision Instrumentation


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