• Polypropylene can withstand heat up to 100 degrees Celsius (intermittently). It is a Thermoplastic Polymer which means is can become pliable or mouldable above a certain temperature and then solidifies through cooling.
  • Polypropylene has a low co-efficient of friction. This plastic material is very difficult to glue and you should look for specific glue that states PP on its label. However, from past experiences, we know that hot glue guns work on Hollow Polypropylene balls, but only with proper surface preparation.
  • This plastic has very good chemical resistance, it can resist moisture, oils and other laboratory chemicals. If you’re needing a ball that is resistant to acids, bases and solvents Polypropylene is a good plastic to use.
  • The Specific Gravity of Polypropylene is 0.9g/cc. This means that Polypropylene floats and 90% of the balls is underwater. Its weight increase is less than 0.2% when it has been stored for 6 months at ambient temperatures.
  • Polypropylene meets FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements in 21 CFR 177.1520 for all food contact including cooking applications. You’ll find that many of your food containers in your fridge and cupboards are made of polypropylene.
  • Polypropylene balls are usually Injection Moulded. Here’s how:
  1. Pellets/Granules of polypropylene and heat are combined together until the substance is at a molten state.
  2. The melt is then injected into a split-die mould.
  3. The mould is then chilled until solidified
  4. The mould is then opened and the parts are ejected.
  5. They are then tumbled down to precision balls with specific tolerances.
  • Here at The PPB we have a large selection of Polypropylene ranging in size and colour. You can use them for Level Indicators, Light Load Bearings, Ball Valves, Medical or laboratory use (as it can withstand autoclave), Indent balls, Acid Retention, there are endless uses for this material.
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