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POS Displays

pos displays
Plastic and rubber balls. Hundreds and thousands of them, in all manner of sizes and finished in just about every colour you can imagine. Here at Precision Plastic Balls we deal with requests ranging from one ball to one million balls, every single day. Search our range here.

What you perhaps can’t imagine is how many different ways these balls will be used. At PPB we distribute on behalf of the industry’s leading precision ball manufacturers, for use in a variety of applications whether design, engineering or technology. And one of the most common requests we receive is for plastic balls to use in constructing POS displays.

What’s the point (of sale)?
POS – or ‘Point of Sale’ – is all about connecting with your customer, the aim being to increase brand awareness and encourage more sales. The key to a successful POS display is to present your product information in a highly engaging way and this often means creating a display that’s both eye-catching and one which encourages customer interaction. Less words and more ‘touch and feel’ can help you to convey the benefits of your product or service to your potential customers effectively. Meaning more orders – and more money!

It’s all about our precision balls
As a leading distributor of plastic balls in all sizes and colours, made from a variety of materials, we are often asked to provide a range of balls for use in POS displays. Our customers use the balls in different ways, depending on their sector and the message they want to convey. So, how might you want to use our balls for your own display?

POS Aesthetics
Put simply, shiny colourful plastic balls look great! They bring an element of fun to your display; however, it is your choice to use them. You may want to have them form a part of your POS display in terms of its appearance; think how great a display could look with a load of multi-coloured balls, halved, formed into a pattern or the letters of your company name. Or perhaps you want to provide an engaging ball game for your potential buyers to play? Whichever way you intend to use the balls, their texture, finish and colour will draw much attention to your POS display and you’ll have a flock of visitors in no time.

POS Mechanics
Does your product need precision balls in its production? If so, then why not show exactly how these balls are used within your product to make it work? Your customers might not have any idea on how your products are put together, nor that a plastic ball of a precise size and finish is responsible in making it tick. So, use precision balls on your POS display to demonstrate just how vital this item is for your business and your product. Your transparency will win over your audience and you’ll be rolling in orders before you know it.

Let’s talk
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