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pos displays

Five Tips for Creating Engaging POS Displays

POS displays are a great way of engaging your potential customers’ attention.  They also are a perfect way to get them to interact with your brand. The Precision Plastic Ball Company are a family run business who create plastic balls for many applications. This includes those related to engineering, technical, industrial, and design. They understand the power of perfect POS displays, and are here to give you five tips on how to make yours eye-catching, engaging, and ultimately effective.

Do market research

Make sure you understand your target audience before you start the design process. Hone in on the desires, needs, and necessities of the sector of people you’re targeting. This ensures that your POS displays resonate with their inner dialogue. Ensure you know who your customers are.

Tell a story

Make your POS displays dynamic, engaging, and thought-provoking. The very best advertising taps into the audience’s emotions, sparking a train of thought which leads them towards taking action. This will eventually benefit your business goals, even if indirectly. Catch the customers attention and start that thought process.

Make it bold

Use striking shapes, colours, and combinations of fluidity and cubism to create contrast and interest. The Precision Plastic Ball Company, for example, can supply machine polished spheres for a perfect glossy or matt finish, available on bespoke order in a pantone colour, and in opaque, semi-transparent and translucent opacities. Stand out from the crowd.

Reinforce your brand

Make sure that the message you’re giving with your POS displays reinforces your overall brand message. Otherwise, it may have an overall detrimental effect, even if it is attracting customers’ attention. Review exactly what your brand stands for. Think of how you portray this visually to make sure you have a continuity of vision. Understanding your vision is a perfect way to reinforce your brand.

Get feedback

Make sure to get some objective feedback about your POS displays. What message are people taking from it? Does it grab their attention? Does it prompt them to act in some way? Does it provoke a thought process which could lead to eventual engagement with your business? Make sure you ask your customers for feedback. To get the perfect elements for fabricating fantastically effective POS displays, contact the Precision Ball Company today. Fill in our contact form and a member of their team will be in touch as soon as possible. Alternatively, give them a call or contact them via email. Supplying plastic balls from 1mm to 580mm diameter, in a massive range of colours, effects and finishes. Each is manufactured to truly superior specifications. Their experience and expertise makes them head and shoulders above the rest.


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