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Technical Uses for Plastic Balls

Specific tolerances, resistance to pressures and over 30 years providing repeat business to hundreds of manufacturers, makes us pretty good at the technical stuff.

We pride ourselves in having over 30 years’ experience advising our clients and ensuring you have the best materials for the job.

– Our tolerances start from +/-0.002”(+/-0.05mm)

– Over 20 materials in stock

– Materials specifically designed for resistance against heat, chemicals and pressure.

– Sizes ranging from 1mm to 8” diameter

– Plastic balls are light with a specific gravity ranging from 0.40g/cc to 2.14 g/cc

– Low modulus in elasticity can assist in reducing noise levels and reducing the need for finer tolerances associated with metal balls.

– Rust proof with a good resistance to chemicals and erosion.

– Good electrical insulation properties

– Self-lubricating

– Non-magnetic

Our production method

Once the balls have been formed, usually through injection moulding, they are fine ground, lapped and sometimes tumble polished to a finished diameter – final tolerances are dependent on size and material type.

Materials Available

Material Colours available
Acetal White & can be dyed
Clear Acrylic Clear & can be dyed
Cellulose Acetate Various
Polyamide Nylon 66 Zytel® Black & can be dyed
Poly (amide-imide) Torlon® White & can be dyed
Polycarbonate White, Clear
Polyethylene (LD/ HD) Various/ Hollow
Polystyrene Various
Polypropylene Various/ Hollow
PTFE White/ Hollow
Nitrile rubber Buna N Black
Fluoroelastomer Black
Polyurethane Natural
Clear hollow pull-apart Clear/ Hollow
Thermoset resins/ Phenolic All colours/ Clear

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