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Blue Balls

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Here at the Precision Plastic Ball Company, coloured blue balls are one of our specialties. From balls ranging from 1mm to 400mm and beyond we are one of the largest providers of balls in the country.

Our balls are made with precision technology, providing accurate balls for industrial and engineering applications as well as design and aesthetic ones. We produce balls in a wide range of materials to provide the best blue balls for your project needs. We test our products for mechanical stress, exposure to chemicals and the elements so if you’re looking for a drillable ball with high resistance to water, we have the ball for you.

Blue Balls for Exhibitions & Displays

Our balls have been used in a variety of different design applications such as exhibitions, on film and TV, sculptures and many more. Our balls are perfect for the hobbyist looking to order balls for model making or beading as we provide blue balls with a small minimum shipment amount. Customer service is our main prerogative so, from talking to you directly about your project, to ensuring that we have the best blue balls available, we can ensure confidence when working with us. We have over 30 years’ experience providing blue balls for our customers so know the properties you need for your individual applications.

Blue Balls

We stock over 20 million balls that are all ready for next day delivery. We have a good selection of blue ball shades and are happy to produce your balls to whatever pantone colour you want. Our balls are finished how you want them, whether you are looking for balls with a highly polished finish or a more matte surface. We also provide blue balls in marble effects as well as transparency. If you have an idea in mind or are looking for a solution to your established project we are proud to provide the experience and product for your perfect blue ball.

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