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We are one of the leading companies in supplying balls for engineering, designed for durability under chemical,.
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Colour, transparency, material, endurance to the elements; If you want an attractive ball, we’ve got it. Used.
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Precision Plastic Balls are manufactured from thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials and elastomers in a wide range.
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Precision applications are in our name. Tolerances within +/-0.002” (+/-0.05mm) accuracy, resistant materials and sizes ranging from.
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About Us

We are The Precision Plastic Ball Company, specialising in precision plastic balls, rubber balls, hollow balls, acrylic balls, spheres for engineering, technical and design applications. We have been supplying precision balls and spheres to engineers, designers, hobbyists and large industrial companies since 1981. 20 different materials, over 20 million spheres, hollow and solid balls in stock and 100’s of colours. We are experts in precision plastic balls, rubber balls, hollow balls and spheres, and work to produce exactly what you need.        


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